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the planning

Each project should be planned - every goal on his way. This is certainly not meant that we sometimes may not be spontaneous. On the contrary, it is only meant that we were to retain during a spontaneous idea a cool head!

No one expects a detailed specification, pointless piles of paper! No one has been described in the run everything down, because in most cases it is so different and as you think! But a basic structure should be quite clear there - at least initially. For complex requirements, such as complex database driven applications, however, should be described in the latest phase of the project detailed and accurate.

Targets record

What I want to achieve with my website, I would like to address what target groups and what do I want to. Very important: What is the period I put to achieve the goal? This is quite simple and motivated now to the second step:

How I want to achieve the goal?

In our case, by an internet site! Wonderful! What budget is available to me - to look like the site, what features it should have (eg guest book, news, gallery, shop, etc.)? The offer should be multilingual, functions are needed that go beyond the requirements of a normal website? Which layout, what style, what colors. How I will address my audience - which I will use the writing style - and so on?

Structure of the website?

Which structure is desired? What categories and subcategories will be there - where do later, if necessary add additional categories? A shop should, for example - this is clear - be immediately available and do not hide in a sub-category.

What responsibilities do I forgive the project?

Who will be responsible for what? Who delivers content - including images and text. If the appointment with the staffing requirements and preserved, or may need to be revised or increased?


All these ideas should make everyone in advance. For the more accurate the target and the path is defined for the target, the easier the project can be enforced. Both in their own team members, as well as service providers, and partners.

A clean project planning prevents tedious rework, thus saving valuable time and money!






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