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Content comes from the English, and is commonly used in today's media content. The content thus corresponds to offer the content you read to your visitors and watch them on your website or other media - certainly next to an attractive web design, one of the most Points at all. Because only the content you can offer your visitors what they are looking for: information, trivia, funny, something to smile about, admire, etc ... - Or else, what would you say to this web page if the page would be empty?

The following content is there in the area of the Internet:

  • Text content - text content of your website, they are also much more relevant to search engines
  • Image Content - pictures of their website
  • Audio content - voice or music files (listen live) stream or download (save locally)
  • Video Content - Video

In addition to the text content that's true of the actual statements should not be missing images. Pictures, photos and graphics enhance your text content and stress and underline the statements that you feel in your remarks to the reader as important. Of course, you reach the appropriate by typography, but picture is just worth a thousand words.

Unique Content

In connection with content, there are always the key word unique content. Thus, the uniqueness of your content is meant. This applies above all texts, since these will be searched by search engines. Logically, it takes neither the search nor the offer visitors exciting when two independent pages, the same content.

Content theft

Who has unique content should make here does not mind. For specially created content that is unique, can be stolen so bad. For everything else does: Content theft is a serious offense! Although it happens in the Internet permanently - sometimes unknowingly, but at least by intent is usually punished severely!

So in the legal sense and in terms of search engines and of course ultimately the visitors:

Uniqueness of good content is what distinguishes you from other sometimes positive!






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