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For your website, you need a safe space on the web. These Web servers are used, which usually are accessible to small maintenance intervals, 365 days, 24 hours on the Internet and share your website. Important not only speed of the systems on the one hand, the resilience that regular backup as a backup - just in case something happens but once. Finally, the systems as against attackers Hackers are adequately protected.

Hosting solutions, particularly web hosting for small to medium sized businesses, and individuals is one way of crowd - Web service benefit.
From the simple, semi-professional users to medium sized businesses all target groups with the service will be operative:

  • Web hosting - packages for the simple homepage
  • Web hosting - packages for the discerning home

What is a web host, and what is web hosting?

In hosting the accommodation is so designated by the host websites on the web server of an Internet Service Provider (ISP). The web host provider also makes its resources usually fee available. These resources include in particular the provision and operation of host server and the network connection. For more information about the topic hosting also provides the english Wikipedia.






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