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Content management systems combine content with the web design and thus add to the mostly visual Web Part with the content so content together.

Web pages are from the basic idea first static. This means that for every change to load a file on the server to change the contents of a page and save the file finally weider. This also means that for this change HTML and CSS knowledge and know-how to FTP must be present to change our web site.

This is quite mühseleg today and do not necessarily Contemporary space, therefore, content is now displayed in a dynamic web pages.

In general, these websites based on PHP and use databases. Thus, it is possible to separate design from content. For the content then content management systems (CMS) - that uses content management systems, can be usefully made ​​on a password-protected area changes to the content.

This program for each new site, the cost of a dynamic website would unnecessarily drive up the amount. While there are certainly requirements that justify a customer-specific administration area and thus its own content management system entirely, but for a classic website is now commonly used CMS finished.

It is (paid) between the commercial and open source (free) different content management systems. Below we present some well-known free content management systems. These systems are all available in German and has proven itself in the network.






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